Authentic Chinese Food in Dallas (Part 1)

Jump to Sections:Cantonese Cuisine> Cantonese Restaurant GuideSichuan Cuisine> Sichuan Restaurant GuideNortheast Cuisine> Northeast Restaurant GuideAuthentic Chinese Food Guide, Part 2 Authentic Chinese Food Guide, Part 3 What Is Authentic Chinese Food? A friend once asked me where he could find authentic Chinese…


Discover Dallas: Bulldog Katsu

Among all the Japanese restaurants I have visited in the US, Tonkatsu was almost always a filler item on the menu. That is, if some people in the dinner party don't like seafood, there's something for them to eat. Since the main…


Discover Dallas: Taqueria Los Angeles

My concept of "tacos" has gone through some big changes over the years. In my high school and college days in North Carolina, to me tacos simply meant those yellow crispy half-moon-shaped shells filled with ground meat, tomato and lettuce. It wasn't…


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